Thornberry Ridgebacks

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Dear Summer    You will be forever Missed
Summer was always a follower and not a leader. She really liked to hunt and chase squirrels and on several occasions  would also help tree bears with Akala and Asha that have  ventured onto our property over the years.  She was a great mom to her pups and aunt to Asha's pups








Asha is very athletic, loyal, smart and wanting to be a lap dog as she gets older .Our dogs Asha, Summer and Akala have treed many bears on our property over the years.  We live on five acres and the bears visit us regularly.  Since owning and socializing the dogs, I would never consider another breed.  They are the loves of our lives!!


Asha left us April 27, 2012



She’s an old pup in my heart,

Asha was an old pup right from the start.

From the very first day,

She got her way.

A mind of her own; she taught us who was boss.

Her passing an irreplaceable loss.

Leader of the pack, an alpha dog,

A love hog.

Trails we ran, bears she treed.

Games she’d lead,

Ball, tug and tag

And torn garbage bags.

Panting and drooling,

She wasn’t fooling.

Head nudging she let you know,

Who was in charge of the show.

She’s an old pup in my heart,

Asha was an old pup right from the start.

How I miss her so,

I wish she didn’t have to go.

Her intelligence grew,

A prominent character showed through,

Sometimes uncontrolled,

Mostly elegantly bold.

Inevitably she grew old and died,

The many tears I cried,

A testament to her force,

Faithful love at its source.

She’s an old pup who lives in my heart,

From her memories I’ll never part.

Dogs they come and go,

Asha is the best of the show,